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You know what's awesome? Spending most of my birthday money on new clothes, then waking up the next day to new undies, new socks (OMG I needed socks SO bad!), new tummy slimming tank top (I've found myself with loose tummy skin lately, very annoying) and new jeans that look TINY to me, but actually FIT. Since January, I've gained one pound and lost THREE inches off my waist. I'm THIRTY pounds heavier than I was the last time I could lay down and have my hip bones stick out (six years ago, I think) and I'm not starving myself. Not eating enough, I'm pretty sure, but I eat as much as I want when I want. I eat butter on most of what I eat, I drink half and half in my coffee, cream in sauces, I eat bacon, and steak, and tons of salads and yummy veggies and nuts and fruit and EGGS, whole eggs, sometimes ten a week. I feel better physically than I have ever felt. I feel STRONG again. I race up flights of stairs, sprint to people's door when I deliver papers, do everything I do physically HARD and jump around when I feel like my heart's not pumping hard enough. Now, all I need to do is make time to really exercise and I'll bet I get ripped FAST.

Ok. Now to finish this paper and have some FUN outside today!
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you are so cute, i bet little ducks and baby seals send each other postcards with pictures of you on them.

Ooh, I bet you are right! And the penguins laugh with joy when they see me, too!

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