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I just got the date for my 20 year high school reunion and it's the perfect motivator. We're having a float trip Friday, and the reunion's Sunday. Should be a fun weekend of catching up. HOWEVER, that makes me even more determined to achieve a few goals by then. 

1. Get rid of the belly fat. The rest of me is just fine by me, but the fat tire around my belly button has GOT to go. I plan on wearing the tiny black bikini I got last year, HOPING I'd magically be able to wear it without being embarrassed, and be PROUD to take off my shirt.

2. Make the back as pretty as the front's gonna be. Earn enough money to put aside enough to get my phoenix on my back done. And because I'm so tough, I've decided that YES I am going to have the tail wrap around under my left arm onto my ribs, and the tails of the Sic Semper Tyrannis banner wrap around under my right arm in the same manner. No halfway. I'd better start drawing up what I want NOW to hang on my wall and motivate me to work work work! 

3. Get done earlier. Perfect my system so I can take off on FRIDAYS, even if I have to do a little work on Friday night or Saturday morning by no heavy graphic work..just final dropping things into layout and upload.

Now, to break those down into little steps and short term goals and make it happen. This is good. Something to look forward to. 

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wow reunion. you are much braver than i, lol. i will never step foot at one of my reunions.... anyhoo. yes. new tattoos are awsm motivators... i sat for a couple hours again yesterday.

keep mashin mama, u can doooo it.... <3

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