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Most of my journal is friends-only, if you're wondering why you can't see much going on.
I do add people, if I find them interesting, and want to share my journal with them, so just ask.
If I say no, don't be sad, I actually use this as a journal, so lots of what I post is stuff I don't want everyone I know to read.

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(Deleted comment)
! I thought I already had! Of course!

I'm making new KS friends on LJ....I'd love to see your photography!

I don't have a lot of photography on here, but I read your journal and you sound nice. I'm hesitant to add anyone local I don't know...I recently cut two people out of my life who were scary manipulative, from Wichita...and though I haven't heard from either in a month, I fully expect them to try to pull something (like make a fake profile and friend me)'ll see why if you read back.

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